Thursday, April 6

Some quick notes about CGiSS

  1. This site contains pictures of Cute Girls wearing ridiculously large and/or ugly sunglasses.
  2. Those wearing these sunglasses for obvious comic effect are disqualified.
  3. Anyone using the RSS feed should please update to the Feedburner one ASAP, there are valuable prizes involved!
  4. There are occasional NSFW links here, so buyer beware.
  5. I do not have a fetish, I just think it's funny.
  6. If you have a CGiSS to share, email a URL and something funny to to cgiss at softlord dot com

Friday, September 16

Friday, February 18


Me Delightful redhead in a tanktop and stupid sunglasses Me,
originally uploaded by Unique_Beauty23.

Self Portrait.

Self Portrait. Girl with scarf and stupid sunglasses Self Portrait.,
originally uploaded by LiaSchryver.

shades yeller vert

shades yeller vert Teen CGiSS shades yeller vert,
originally uploaded by Guccierrez.


bella Black and white emo CGIss bella,
originally uploaded by clemens menne.

Twitter CGiSS

By request, @vanilabean45

Monday, September 27


Besos Besos,
originally uploaded by maddiecane.


Naomi Naomi,
originally uploaded by CariHenderson.


Girls Girls,
originally uploaded by Elisabeth Miralles.